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Qosqo [(qo̝s.qɔ) derived from the Quechua word meaning navel.

It is a city in the southeast of Peru and is the capital of the department of Cusco.

According to the Peruvian constitution, Cusco is the historical capital of the country. In addition, it was once the capital of the Inca Empire, one of the most important cities of the Viceroyalty of Peru and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1983 by Unesco.

Because of its great historical and cultural legacy, Cusco is considered one of the world’s wonders, and thanks to its millennial trajectory this city boasts innumerable honorific titles such as:

  • First city and first vote of all the cities and towns of the New Castile.
  • Awarded in Madrid by Royal Decree of Charles V, April 24, 1540.
  • The very famous, very noble, loyal and most faithful city of Cuzco, the most important and head of the kingdoms of Peru.
  • Granted in Madrid by Real Certificate of Carlos V the 19 of July of 1540.
  • Archaeological Capital of America.

Awarded at the XXV International Congress of Americanists held in La Plata, Argentina in 1933. This title was endorsed by the Congress of the Republic of Peru through Law No. 7688 of January 23, 1933.

  • The cultural heritage of the world

Awarded by the Seventh Convention of Mayors of the Great Cities of the World, meeting in Milan, Italy on April 19, 1978.

  • Cultural heritage of Humanity

Awarded by Unesco in Paris, France on 9 December 1983.

  • Cultural heritage of the nation

Awarded by Law No. 23765 of December 30, 1983. This same law in its article 3 refers to the City of Cuzco as Tourist Capital of Peru.

  • Historical capital of Peru

Awarded by article 49 of the Political Constitution of Peru of 1993.

  • Historical Capital of Latin America

Awarded by the Latin American Congress of Regidores and Councilors, in the city of Cuzco, in November 2001.

  • American Capital of Culture

Awarded by the American Cultural Organization in 2007.

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  • Inca Trail
  • Qoricancha
  • Espiritu Pampa
  • Cusco Cathedral
  • Circuit of 7 Lagoons
  • Machu picchu Cusco
  • Valle Sgrado Cusco
  • Reserve Manu Cusco
  • Pongo del Mainique
  • Choquequirao Citadel
  • Circuit of 7 Lagoons
  • Group of Museums Cusco
  • Mountain of Colors Cusco
  • Nevado del Salkantay Cusco
  • Nevado del Ausangate Cusco
  • Archaeological Group of Qenqo
  • Archaeological Group of Puca Pucará
  • Archaeological Group of Tambomachay
  • Archaeological Group of Sacsayhuaman
  • Canopy of the Apurimac and View of Condors
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